Self Check- Nurturing the body in a tech world.

Being Human:

The Idea is Balance.

We are made up of 4 aspects of being ~ Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. When we use one part of our system more than the others we get out of balance.  So how can we check our selves to keep in alignment with our highest and best state of being?

There are many clues when we are out of whack, needing to nurture some part of ourself that hasn’t been met. My father would often take me aside when I was a teen and tell me, “It’s not anybody’s responsibility but your own to make you happy. So find out what you love to do and do it!”

To keep in touch with what feels good, you have to be sensitive to all the cues. With this day and age of technology inundating our daily lives, it can be very easy to find ways to be numb. Technology is a part of the mental experience. Of course if you are on social media, that mental experience can easily turn into an emotional one. But first one then the other, and if you are continually checking in with your tech then your physical and spiritual bodies are being left to wither. This, as many teen agers are finding, can cause a lot of depression and anxiety.


Smartphone addiction changes the brain. Teenagers considered to be addicted to their phones and the Internet—based on a test of their usage habits—had an imbalance of brain chemicals similar to that seen in people experiencing anxiety and depression. They tended to say Internet and smartphone addiction interfered with their daily activities, productivity, sleep and social lives…and they had significantly higher scores on scales of depression, anxiety, insomnia and impulsivity than teens whose scores did not indicate addiction. The addicted teens had an overabundance of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in their brains’ emotional control center. Addictive substances such as alcohol are already known to alter GABA levels.

-Hyung Suk Seo, MD, professor of neuroradiology, Korea University, Seoul


To begin your self check process, it helps to have a reference list, remembering to cover all your bases of experience.

S.I.T.E. is an Acronym for the ways our system processes being human.

S – Sense. Sensations on the body: tightness, aches, lightness, softness, Itchy, squirmy

I – Image. Visual pictures. Seeing images when eyes are closed.

T – Thought. Words expressing an idea.

E – Emotion. An experience where a Thought and a Sensation happen at the same time.

When you are having intense emotions, rapid fire thinking, lots of physical pain, you can easily tune into the issue and ask yourself to find out how your whole system in processing this issue.

Say you are starting with feeling angry about something. You find that every time this person comes around you are triggered and tense. Instead of identifying that person as the problem, you can actually see that the emotion is with in you and that person is helping you see it. Since the anger is mine, I am actually resonating with that vibration subconsciously all the time, ready to burst with the right circumstances. My self check is then to see how I can unravel the hold of connection of anger to my Being system.

I begin with S– are there any sensations that go along with Anger? Tuning into the body, feeling it. Noticing the face, the eyes, the jaw. Noticing anywhere that feels tense, what is my breath like? And once I have really made a full awareness lasso around the sensation of that anger I can move on.

I- Are there any images related to anger? Knowing what ever you see is absolutely perfect. It doesn’t have to make sense, you are just allowing your own powers of observation and connection to show you why you have been stuck with anger. Making the subconscious conscious.and by doing so, offering it a way to move on.

Next, T– what Thoughts are related to this anger? Taking the time to let all those thoughts come flooding into your awareness. Hear them, every thing you don’t want to think, maybe thoughts that even feel like a secret. Just allow them to be witnessed, and when you feel you have heard them all, move on.

Lastly, E– are there any emotions about experiencing this anger? What ever arises is Ok And in the act of giving yourself the time to really feel it you are allowing its unseen hold on you to soften.


The Eyes:

Your eyes are connected to the optic nerve which connects to the brain. Therefore everything you do with your eyes effects your brain which effects upper body. Often with technology our eyes are down cast and our bodies become slumped and rounded. If you were to sit and look at these same positions with out the technology there, you would notice the position is intrinsic to a depressed feeling. If you saw someone in those positions with out their phone or computer, you would think they weren’t doing well on the emotional front. Try it! Use your phone or computer and then slide the tech away but keep the position you find yourself in. Pause there and notice, how does it feel?

Now, use S.I.T.E. to notice how these different types of vision make you feel- peripheral (wide view) vision vs focused (narrowed view) vision.

So how did your Peripheral vs Focused vision experiment go? Could you notice the subtle shifts in the tensions in your body? Did you find your shoulders dropping as you allowed your head to lift and take in the whole picture? When you focus your eyes on something specific, could you feel what parts of your face get tight?

And remember, it’s not that one is better than the other, it is that in doing one and not the the other can create an imbalance. If you are moving around and taking peripheral vision breaks from your tech than you are less likely to be stuck in a depressed state that you can’t seem to explain. And hyper focusing on something you love can really feed your whole system with great happy making chemicals, it’s a beautiful thing to direct your focus and accomplish something! Even if you’re not using tech, you need peripheral vision breaks!!!


Digital vs Analog

Digital signals– A direct pulse, either on or off, that  conveys information in binary form (1’s and 0’s)

Analog signals- are continuos waves that vary in strength and quality




Describing the difference: 

  • Riding a wave vs. Climbing stairs
  • Smooth vs. Edgy
  • Continuos vs. Choppy
  • Intricate layers of variations vs. On or Off

The Effects of MP3 Compression on Perceived Emotional Characteristics in Musical Instruments

Musical instrument sounds have distinct timbral and emotional characteristics that can change when audio processing is applied. This paper investigates the effects of MP3 compression on the emotional characteristics of eight sustained instrument sounds using listening tests. The experimental paradigm involved a pairwise comparison of compressed and uncompressed samples at several bit rates over ten emotional categories. The results showed that MP3 compression strengthened neutral and negative emotional characteristics such as Mysterious, Shy, Scary, and Sad, and weakened positive emotional characteristics such as Happy, Heroic, Romantic, Comic, and Calm. Angry was relatively unaffected by MP3 compression, probably because the background “growl” artifacts added by MP3 compression decreased positive emotional characteristics and increased negative characteristics such as Mysterious and Scary. Compression effected some instruments more and others less; trumpet was the most effected and the horn the least.

Authors: Mo, Ronald; Choi, Ga Lam; Lee, Chung; Horner, Andrew

Affiliations: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong; United Overseas Bank, Singapore(See document for exact affiliation information.)

JAES Volume 64 Issue 11 pp. 858-867; November 2016 

Publication Date:December 1, 2016 




The Idea is balance

We live in a technological age.

Technology paired with our creativity can do really amazing things!

Technology in place of getting out of the house and looking into peoples eyes, seeing the earth and breathing fresh air can be harmful.

  • Use your powers of self awareness with S.I.T.E. to track your whole experience.
  • Check out if you are balancing your 4 Aspects of Being Human to decide what would be the most nurturing actions to feel balanced.
  • Let your eyes get plenty of movement, distance and peripheral vision.
  • Play with and listen to different kinds of Music. Live music and record players boost positive moods.

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