Tools to Deepen

Approaching the dance as an awareness practice is a way to connect with the self in the body, a powerful tool of integration. As seekers of growth we must get comfortable with change. The only way to change anything is to first see it as it truly is. This means showing up to the dance sober to see what state of being, emotional, mental and physical, is driving the ‘ship’.  And as you meet yourself and explore different movements, the range of your connection to self, other and the whole group will deepen and expand!

Tools for the dance:

Overwhelmed with the amount of people in the room? More inhalation, eyes slightly down, seeing your own body move and looking for and moving into the open spaces on the floor.

Feeling interactive? Exhaling and dancing shapes of welcoming to invite others into your space.

Feeling like life has got you in the wash? Surrender the weight of your head and surprise your self with authentic outbursts.

Feel stuck in the same moves? Make a simple repetition with your breath and as you commit to the movement the energy in it will grow, and the body will expand into it until it changes.

Once you have connected to and danced your truth, the soft opening takes you for a dance, like a leaf riding a wind, there is a freedom available.

And as always, regardless of the music, connection to your breath (which is life) is your best guide for presence, feeling the dance initiated from this exploration will catalyze your connection to the universal energy that animates us all.

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