Saturday, March 30th, 1:30-4:30pm at Yoga Soup

Aum state- A Reset Meditation and 5Rhythms Workshop 

Reset Meditation combines conscious awareness with brain integration techniques, creating gentle and rapid transformations. We can easily identify stuck behaviors that sap energy and with consciousness, dismantle the hold it has on our system. Using the energy that was tied up in the old pattern, we have more energy to direct towards supporting productivity and what we truly care about. Once the psyche has upshifted, the best integration comes from authentic movement, so we dance to invite our new awareness to be deeply embodied.

Aum State: A Reset Meditation and 5Rhythms Workshop

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Lucidity: 8Pm Friday 4/12/19


Hi Dancers, 

5Rhythms SB is looking for the right time and place to begin weekly classes. If you have any leads please reach out.  Thanks, Kiaora

I have joined the MOVEMENT LAB collaborative!

Happening every Wednesday, my offerings are on the dates below:

1/30/19, 3/6/19, 4/10/19, 5/8/19

Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm $10 at Yoga Soup

What is it?

Come together and bring your curiosity and desire to explore. Using Yoga and the Map of the 5Rhythms to warm up our bodies and Ritual Theater to delve into movement patterns, we will invite the body to stretch, unwind and play in the deep.

The body is a map of our brain. We can can incite comfort and integration of the human experience by inviting our dynamic expression in movement, creating space to feel what is true in the moment while having fun doing it.

Playing with our connections to the group by moving together, sounding, breathing and being in this open space to get funky and free. This class uses both music and quiet to inspire the dive into You, creating deeper connections to enjoying being a soul in body.