The Medicine of Attention 

                     An investigation into re-wiring our body intelligence.

Friday, August 3rd – 6:30-9pm and Saturday, August 4th – 1- 6:30pm

The 5Rhythms movement meditation practice gives us permission to travel safely outside our daily experience of living and moving. In this experimental and innovative environment {laboratory} using our bodies to express creates the opportunity to slow down and rhythmically notice where we unconsciously or consciously put our attention. This workshop/playshop illuminates and shines light on presence, our sense of occupying a space in the moment.

In our bodies where do we align? What do we value? and then repeat ? How do we connect? What are we avoiding and not facing? We can focus on ground, balance, imbalance, fear, breath, other people, love, space, energy.  Through movement we can choose to cultivate excitement and play and to discover new choices to focus our awareness/attention. We can learn to be in sync with the world.

By developing attention to appreciation of ourself and of others we feed connection instead of isolation , love instead of fear, creativity instead of inertia. Come and play and awaken new pathways  of relationship to self and others.

Erik Iversen: Having practiced Hellerwork Structural Integration since 1986 Erik has worked on thousands of people while developing a unique approach to the way he inhabits his body as well as how he teaches embodiment. A gifted dancer,

athlete and teacher of movement, Erik creates a safe “laboratory”-like setting for exploration, learning and healing. As a result of his experience leading dynamic 5Rhythms workshops since 1989 with people ranging from ages of 4 to 90 years old, Erik is able to relate to many diverse participants. On top of his clinical experience, Erik’s attitude and spirit provide an example of playfulness and creativity. Now certified in the Hendricks Leadership and Transformation (LAT) work, he’s enjoying integrating this modality with his vast knowledge in the 5Rhythms.


Open to all levels of experience and abilities. Simple and profound, the 5Rhythms® practice will offer you valuable life tools to dance into Presence.

Early Bird (EB) pricing in effect till June 30th.   

Regular price - Saturday only - $99, EB - $89, 1-6:30pm

Regular price - Friday & Saturday - $124, EB - $115

Open Intro evening, Friday only - $25, 6:30-9pm
Santa Barbara Dance Center

to sign up: email or paypal to





Hi Dancers, Wednesday night is still happening, a DJ will be there, but no 5Rs classes until I return. Date still to be determined. I am on a short break until further notice.   Thanks, Kiaora

Santa Barbara Dance Center

Classes are $15 or 5 class series for $60. First time dancers, 3 class special for $30