Awareness in Chaos

Being pressured by life to show up in ways that are more than my calm centering can stand.

This curve ball got me going cross eyed instead of swinging.

I put on the right outfit to make the world think I am all good.

But getting home, peeling off the beautiful dress, I collapse on my bed and allow myself to feel the overwhelm of what is now my reality.

And with the allowing of feeling this momentary truth, my practice comes to my conscious mind.

Like a soft angel voice offering the thought, “What if I TRUST that this is all happening at the right moment?”

And with that sense of acceptance and surrender to not only feel, but also to shift how I am relating to the feeling, relief washes over me.

A second before, tautly filled up with resistance and fear,

Now shifted,

I find my softening from the inside allows me to sense the bed holding and supporting me.






Gratitude to the Reset Meditation for integrating the left and right hemispheres of my brain so that I have greater consciousness around my well being in times of stress!

Gratitude to the 5Rhythms for teaching me to dance with the energy of Chaos.

Again and again.

So that it lives inside me

and comes to my aid when that energy is alive and kicking!

Tumbled by the waves, the rock surrenders and comes out of the chaos smooth and peaceful.

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